• Sunday, 22 January 2012

Luján is a town in the Greater Buenos Aires province, located 68 kilometres northwest of the city of Buenos Aires. Luján is best known for its large neo-Gothic Basilica, but we were there for more important reasons.
Argenpark, to put it mildly, is not one of the best amusement parks I've ever visited. Despite the rough condition of the park, the locals still came out in full force. Whole families were out enjoying themselves, kids riding while adults were socialising.
Towering above rest of the rides is Super 8, a fairly decent Galaxi style coaster that we put through its paces. We also gave the dark ride a go. The fact I don't remember much about the ride indicates it's probably average at best. Other rides in the park are Big Wheel, Dodgems, Swing Boat, a Tagada ride named Samba and a few spin rides, along with some children rides.

 Super 8 from outside the park.

Super 8 is a Galaxi style coaster operating at Argenpark since approximately 1993.
Super 8 was relocated from the closed-down Ital Park that once operated near Jorge Newberry Airport. At Ital Park, the coaster was called Super 8 Volante.

Richard on the dark ride.

Other rides in the park.



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